As a parent, I’m scared: Truth about parenting kids with technology

I read a great article today from a parent discussing her nervousness about raising teenagers in the age of touchscreens. (Article) Reading this article less than a week after conducting my first series of educational sessions for parents and teens has me thinking more and more about raising touchscreen kids. Admittedly, I’m no expert in […]


Endorsement of Alan Maio

It’s easy to be involved politically or with the community when you’re getting paid for the job. Its when you see individuals lead this community completely on the passion for seeing this community succeed, is when true leadership is demonstrated. Alan Maio, District 4 Sarasota County Commission candidate has certainly represented leadership in this community […]


Endorsement of Ray Pilon

I’m not sure there’s a better Florida Representative than the quality candidate we have in Ray Pilon. Pilon represents district 72 in Sarasota and has a proven track record of success. Admittedly, I’ve had multiple points of contact with Pilon as he’s been a great supporter of the Young Professionals of Sarasota and his district […]


Response to: “Nay, Future is Only Concern”

Scroll below to read the article published in SRQ Daily on 7/5 responding to “Where’s Our Voice” To read the original post, “Where’s Our Voice” CLICK HERE   Your misinterpretation of my letter is unfortunate because there are a few key components of your response that can be construed as an attack towards a particular […]


Why does everything have to be a fight? The Hobby Lobby Decision.

My Facebook feed is filled with individuals fighting the pros and cons of this week’s Supreme Court decision to allow Hobby Lobby not be required to pay for certain contraceptives because of their religious beliefs. I have a very diverse group of friends so I’ve seen it from both sides. “Why Hobby Lobby Hates Woman” […]