Have you ever cried during a Publix commercial? I’m man enough to admit I’ve become teary-eyed during a commercial or two. The emotional feelings and connection I feel towards those brands are significant. I think to myself, “I’m glad I support those brands” or “I should really start shopping there.” An emotional connection drives business. It’s getting to the heart of the individual.

Dave Ramsey talks about it best during his Financial Peace University lessons on how marketers know how to connect with their customers. Marketers use every tactic to make you “feel” in emotional attachment to a product or service. Once we feel the connection, we are more likely to purchase. As a marketer, I’m constantly thinking about the emotional connection to the marketing piece I’m sending.

Elementary School Kids Group IsolatedI work at a background screening organization that focuses much of its attention towards volunteerism. A majority of our background checks are for volunteers running background checks on volunteers who will be working with children. My messaging focuses on keeping children safe with a beautiful picture of a child. I want the recipient to see the child and think, “I need to protect that child.” Am I being deceitful? No. It’s essential to protect children. My goal is to do so and I’ll do whatever it takes to pull on the heartstrings to make it happen.

As a marketer, you must consider what ways you can create an emotional connection with your customer. Understand what makes your customer’s heart tick. Just like in a marriage, if you start pulling on the hearts, it comes with greater responsibility.

If you sell a customer based on trust and things of the heart than be prepared to deliver. If you fail at delivering it can lead to greater repercussions than if you just sold them based on their mind. Don’t mess with the heart unless you’re serious about protecting the heart. The greatest award and the greatest failure can be connected to both so don’t mess it up.