teen siting on the ground like depressThe dynamics of the workforce is one of the most interesting places in today’s society. Corporations are filled with individuals of all types of races, religious beliefs, political standpoints, and personal circumstances. However, each day we put all these people together to accomplish a common in goal. Sure there are challenges, but ultimately successful companies embrace the differences to be successful.

Consider the dynamics of the three generations that control our workforce. The baby boomers on the verge of retirement, generation x who currently controls the majority of executive positions in the business community, and Millennials, a group of individuals completely different frtitle-marketingguru.coom the previous two generations starting to become executives and the majority of today’s workforce. Corporations spend millions trying to develop their workforce to be as productive as possible. If you ask any CEO, Millennials have been challenging with the characteristics of being narcissistic, entitled and the belief that they’re God’s great gift to society. Now marketers are looking at today’s teenager, the next big spending power and researchers are realizing, generation z is much different than Millennials.

Generation Z is the next generation of individuals who will control our workforce, spend our dollars, and ultimately control our economy and world. The first generation to truly grow up in the smartphone and social media era, they are hard working, consider their impact on the future, and anxious about what the world will look like. In fact, according to Women’s Wear Daily, generation z has the “weight of saving the world and fixing our past mistakes on their small shoulders.” When I consider the amount of mentorship programs available to today’s middle and high school students, I can’t help to consider what type of information we’re providing these soon to be controllers of the world.

I believe Millennials should be excited but understand what the dynamics of the workplace will look like in ten years. Millennials believe in a fun workplace filled with benefits, alternative work schedules, and the entitlement of “I deserve this.” However, as we look to the incoming workforce in generation z, they are hardworking and don’t believe anyone should give them anything. This is not “us vs. them” but it’s safe to say that we can learn from the incoming generation just as they are learning from us. We don’t deserve everything, and we should work for our future. Why should generation z have to fix our mistakes when the majority of Millennials are in their late 20s? We have so much time to make real change in this world and prepare the economic and social landscape to be great. Instead of leaving the weight of its problems on the next generation.