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December 21, 2015 / / Business

What a weekend. It was like every brand wanted to provide me with a poor experience. In all fairness, I was a bit less patient than normal while I was in the process of moving but still… I wasn’t the only one experiencing poor service with a variety of major brands that we expect more out of. Friday morning, I woke up and had to purchase donuts for a group of people helping my family move. I waited in line at Dunkin Donuts for 25 minutes and once I got to the window, the drive-thru worker had an attitude and didn’t greet me with a warm welcome or even try to be apologetic for their delays. Needless to say, the breakfast sandwich I ordered was old and disgusting, and I high level of disappointment was how I started my day. Read the Post Big Brands Fail to Understand Customer Experience

June 11, 2015 / / Culture

I’ve always found our military to be one of the most interesting case studies when considering organizational architecture and success. The military goes against 95% of concepts I tend to accept as the future of organizational structures. However, there’s one aspect of the military I think goes beyond any organizational structure, which leads to complete success. The notion that a man or women would do anything for the human being they’re serving alongside is a concept of servant leadership, many organizations can’t even begin to grasp.

Trust. In America, we are victims to the love of sports. According to Gallup, 63% of Americans consider themselves a sports fan and if you ask any individual during a playoff (of any sport), the percentage increases. We love the story especially when it involves an underdog. You don’t even have to like that particular sport. I’m not a fan of basketball, hockey or horseracing but yet I found myself watching parts of all three this past weekend. One component of sports is the level of trust we give to sports franchises. When the New England Patriots got caught cheating, every Patriots fan claimed their innocence without hearing the facts. We trust sports teams like we trust our own family members and depending on your family, maybe more. Read the Post Organizational Trust: Moving Beyond the Job