Chris Laney

Education. Workforce. Great Experiences.


If you’re interested in having me come speak to your students or community leaders, below are a list of topics that are prepared and engaging.

Student Perception on College & Career using the State of Students Report

Each year, the State of Jobs Conference produces a report called the State of Students Report based on student perception in the Sarasota and surrounding communities. This session talks about the perception students have on the community and ways we can attract them to attend college and invest in their local community long term.

Creating Everlasting Experiences to Engage an Audience

As business and community leaders, we are quick to develop new initiatives or programs to engage an audience. However, in so many cases these initiatives phase out over the years primarily for lack of engagement. We talk about what it takes through community investment, key components of a great experience, and what we look at to create great experiences.

Future of the Workforce: Working with Generation Z (iGen) 

Our culture has been so focused on the millennial generation and how to manage an upcoming generation that’s more self-absorbed, less motivated (without cause), believes in rapid growth, and so much more, we often forget about the next generation. In 4 years, generation z or iGen will enter the workforce as the next wave of talent. What are the differences between iGen and Millennials? What should I expect? We tackle key characteristics of this generation and how you can prepare your businesses or organizations to welcome them.

Understanding Millennials

We’ve been talking about millennials for nearly a decade now but businesses and organizations are still asking questions and trying to understand this generation as they become the largest generational workforce in the world. We examine key characteristics of millennials and how your organization can keep them engaged.

The Art of Intrapreneurship

I’ve also considered myself an entrepreneur and after owning two businesses, I discovered I’m an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur is someone who takes hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within a business.” We talk about the characteristics of an intrapreneur and discuss the differences between internally leading and externally owning.

Personal Branding and Digital Responsibility 

There’s no doubt the importance of your digital presence and understanding the responsibility that comes with branding yourself correctly online. Just as an individual gets a first impression in person, more cases than not, individuals are researching who you are online first. What’s your personal messaging saying about you? We will look at the variety of outlets where your brand matters and how you can control the messaging others are seeing about you. We also discuss responsible use of online media and the dos and donts of online communication.