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January 4, 2017 / / Education

I jokingly discuss how my wife has a masters in philosophy (religious studies) and she will likely never make more than $30K/year for the foreseeable future. But an individual that receives a twelve-month certification as a machinist can get a starting salary in the 40s. I love my wife and she’s very happy doing what she loves and teaching at a local college has provided her the flexibility to raise our children at home, which is priceless. The point is when did this notion of negativity surface with students interested in attending a technical college?

I attended the PINC Conference USA a few weeks ago and a speaker focusing her talk on students with autism discussed the disadvantages we place on students by removing career exploration in a variety of fields because it doesn’t fit into our societies expectations of what qualifies as a great career. Essentially if it’s not STEM, then it’s not important. I’m not discounting the importance of STEP education because its essential we are training students for the jobs of the future but there are so many other industries with good paying jobs having difficulty filling positions. Read the Post Fighting the Negative Stigma of Career Exploration and Technical Training